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About The Horse Curator


Donna Martin - Licensed Massage Therapist El Paso TexasI have been fortunate to make a living working with horses for 35 years.  I was able to learn under some of the best race horse trainers, show horse trainers and veterinarians in the Southwest. I owe much to these men and women for their patience and willingness to answer the questions of an inquisitive young person. Under their tutelage, I learned  about the anatomy and physiology of the horse as well as examination, testing, and treatment techniques of the joints, tendons and muscles.

During the broadcast of the 2004 Olympics, I viewed a segment about the massage therapists and chiropractors who worked with the various equine teams. The chiros and therapists worked with both the riders and horses. A massage therapist explained the importance of massage in maintaining muscle balance in both humans and horses to avoid injury, soreness and stiffness. It was the first time I realized that therapeutic massage could affect horses and people in such a profound way. I was intrigued.

In 2006, I started to massage therapy school.  During this time, I also studied equine anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. In 2009, I began studying and working with  chiropractor with 50 years of experience with both  human and horses, as well as a massage therapist whose practice concentrated on canine and equine massage. With these two individuals guidance, I have learned to look at the body as a whole functioning unit and to not only treat the painful area, but treat all muscles groups that may be contributors. Understanding which muscles work together for movement is critical for successful treatment.

Donna Martin-Equine Massage Therapist

Donna Martin ponying See Me Gone and Joe Martinez to the gates in the 1991 All American Derby

My mission as a massage therapist for people and horses is to provide excellent treatment and educate people about muscle and soft tissues effect not only with movement but also pain and dysfunction in the body.

The Horse Curator is an extension of my work. Here you will find not only information about muscle related issues, but also equine health news, important notices, and product information. I will also be posting some fun, weird and inspirational stories. Information is important but so is fun!

For more information about equine muscle pain assessment and treatment visit Understanding Acute Injury/Pain and Chronic Pain And How Each Affects Your Horse . For information about human assessment and treatment please visit   It Hurts Here, Why Are You Treating There?

I am happy to answer any questions about my techniques and treatments by phone, text or email. If you would like to contact me please use information found at the Contact Information page.

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See you soon!


Texas Massage Therapist License #MT104883

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