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What Do You Do?

We are niche associates which means we find very specific news, information, as well as items for sale on the Internet and bring them together on one site for our clients.

Why Should I Use Your Site?

There are two reasons you should use our site.

  • First: we bring very specific items to you, we eliminate the clutter of a normal Internet search. We find information that is relevant, updated and worth your time to read.
  • Second: We are very particular about individuals, associates and companies whose information and products we list. We try to filter out the questionable information and product sellers to bring you the best and most reliable sources.

Are you an Internet store?

We are not a store. We do not stock inventory, produce items, make direct sales or ship items.

Does Your Service Raise The Price Of The Item?

Our service is of no cost to you. The price you see and pay is the normal merchant’s price.

How Do You Choose Your Associates?

We find businesses which offer an affiliate sales program.  We do our homework and research the products offered and the business’s customer service record. If they are good products and the business has a good customer experience record, we list their products.

What Merchants Are Listed On Your Site?

Alot! We list products from well known stores and sites. But we also list items from smaller businesses who may be just under the Internet search radar. Many of these businesses have excellent products and great customer service with dedicated customers. If they meet our standards we list their products.

Helping the small business and product producer is one the best things we do. It gives them exposure to a larger customer base and brings you some unique items that you might otherwise not find.

Are You Paid For Providing This Service?

We are paid on commission by the merchants. If you find an item to buy on our site when you click on it and make a purchase, we are paid a commission on that sale.  This brings in the needed revenue to help keep this site going.

Can I Comparission Shop On Your Site?

Sure! We often have the same item listed by different merchants allowing you to compare and buy.

What If I Have A Problem With A Purchase?

Contact the merchant from whom you bought the item. Most merchants are very customer oriented and want you to be happy with your purchase and will do their best to resolve the problem.

Upfront Information About Disputes.

Please remember that all purchases are made through individual merchants. If there is a problem, it must be resolved with that merchant! The Horse Curator does not enter into the sales agreement. We simply showcase items for sale.

That being said: if you are unhappy with a purchase or a merchant’s customer service, please let us know!  If we find a product or merchant is not up to par, we will pull the product or merchant’s items from our site. Our goal is to bring you the best products and best companies from which to choose.

Things To Watch For When Buying from Merchants

A small percentage of merchants do not accept returns, you buy it, you own it. Sometimes this is o.k. especially if you know the item, know you are buying to keep, and find it at a reduced price. However, we recommend buying from merchants who do have a return policy.

Another important to check is the shipping policies and charges. These rates can vary greatly and either cost you or save you several dollars.

It is normal for merchants to mark up the actual shipping costs by a small percentage. That small mark-up pays for the boxes and other materials that are used to get your product to you intact.

Most merchants calculate the size, weight, and actual shipping charge to arrive at the shipping rate. Some merchants offer a flat rate shipping charge. Whether the item is small or large you are charged X amount. These are the two most widely used methods used to calculate shipping charges.

Where shipping costs for you as a buyer can get tricky are those merchants who offer ‘free shipping.’  The saying “nothing is free” applies here. The shipping charges are built into the cost of the purchase which can work for you or against you as the buyer.

An example: Company A is offering wonderful gadget for $15.00 + $9.50 shipping bringing the total cost to $24.50. Company B is offering the same wonderful gadget for $30.00 with free shipping. The free shipping catches the buyers attention and they often assume they are saving money by buying with Company B when in reality they are paying $5.50 more. This is not to say all free shipping merchants are making more money, sometimes their product total price is cheaper. Just be aware of this if you are a comparison shopper! Always look at the final charges.

Important Note: Many merchants do in fact offer free shipping on orders over a specified amount. In these situations, shipping is often free. The amount of the order offsets the actual shipping costs for the merchant.


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