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Jul 302014

Beautifully Detailed Metal Art Rearing Horse

Beautifully detailed High Spirits Rearing Horse Metal Art for your wall.

A rearing horse symbolizes power, strength and a free spirit. Kathryn Darling has captured the independent spirit of the horse in this wonderfully detailed metal art piece. The flowing mane and tail, the raw power of a horse on his back legs and the expressive face makes this work a statement piece. Built in hooks allow for easy hanging and makes the piece look as if it is floating on your wall.

Decorating ideas for High Spirits Rearing Horse Metal Art

The dark finish of the piece would look best against a light colored wall which allows the cut out details to really show and give a 3-D effect. This would look great on a large wall grouping with other metal art horses and or nature scenes.

What type of horse person who would enjoy this as a gift?

The person who would like receiving this as a gift would be a person who loves horses for their wild beauty and free spirit. This would make an excellent wall piece in an office of a manager or executive who is a leader and must convey an authoritative demeanor.

High Spirits Rearing Horse Metal Art Features:

  • Laser Cut Metal Wall Art
  • Crafted by artisans in Texas
  • Unique, Durable Finish
  • Heirloom Quality Products
  • Measurements: 30 inches High x 20 inches Wide






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